We supply a range of different packaging

Westflex can supply any type of packaging, like cross bottom bags, block bottom bags, header bags and side weld bags. We take pride in our extensive knowledge and ability to provide the perfect pack for your (eco friendly) products.


  • Sound advice & practical, cost effective packaging solutions
  • We can add value & protection to your products
  • The resources, experience and knowledge of the Vierhouten Group
  • Eco friendly packaging
  • Be-spoke products & designs printed in up to 8 colours.
  • A range of quality products like cross bottom bags, block bottom bags, header bags and side weld bags to pack a diverse range of goods.
  • Pack options in Biodegradable & Compostable materials

Packaging Bags

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  • Bag types, Header Bags, Side seal Bags, Block Bottom Bags etc
Citronella - Header Bags - printed (1)

Eco friendly products

Westflex takes the environment into account and has a wide range of eco friendly packaging. Therefore, for the more environmentally conscious customers, Westflex offers a range of custom bags and heat shrink tubing, which are made from one of the new generation of compostable PLA or compostable and biodegradable Natureflex films.

All films are manufactured from sustainable sources and are compliant with EN13432 & ASTM D6400 standards.  

  • flowrap Bags, Block bottom bags, side seal bags etc

Laminate Pouches

We have diverse range of laminate pouches, which are manufactured from a range of materials to suit the specific requirements of customers and their products.

  • pouch types, Stand-up pouches, Flat pouches, Shaped pouches, Barrier pouches etc etc.
Laminated Pouches
Eco Friendly Shrink Sleeves 2

Shrink Sleeves

Custom made to suit customer needs, printed or plain, on a reel or cut lengths in PVC, PET or PLA. You can provide a product with a sleeve all around and from head to toe with a beautiful print. A shrink sleeve is actually a second skin to a product. The shrink sleeve completely takes the form of the primary packaging such as a bottle or a vial.

  • shrink sleeve types

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