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We provide our products to clients that request 1,000 units to 100,000+ units

Westflex has a clear solution for your product

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Westflex Ltd is based in Brentwood and we offer relevant advice, top quality products and excellent customer service. We manufacture a wide range of flexible packaging such as header bags, side weld bags, block bottom bags, stand up pouches and so much more. We can also manufacture most of our product range in eco friendly materials for more environmentally conscious customers.

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About westflex

As a specialist in flexible packaging with 40 years’ experience, Westflex assists customers in the presentation of great products. We can deliver any type of packaging like side weld bags, cross bottom bags, block bottom bags and header bags and more. Our cost effective packaging adds value to your products and brings them to life.

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If you have any questions about our innovative packaging solutions please contact us. Call: +44 (0) 147 3439 153, or use our contact form.

“Our team has all the skills, knowledge and experience to provide the best packaging solutions for you and your products”

Meet our dedicated team

Richard Lammerts van Bueren
Sales Director

Matthew Dorey
Sales & purchasing

Arjan Zuidam

Nicole Hengstman
Finance controller

Production & Factory