Shrink Sleeves


Shrink Sleeves

Transparent and printed shrink sleeves from Westflex ensure an optimal presentation of your product. Shrink sleeves have multiple functions. Firstly they are excellent for (full) body decoration. In addition, they are also used as a guarantee closure. By means of a guarantee closure you can be sure that a package has not been opened before. In addition to a high tear resistance, each shrink sleeve has shrinkage properties. By sliding the sleeve around de product and heating it briefly, the sleeve shrinks. As a result, the shrink sleeve fits tightly around te product.


Shrink sleeves are seen everywhere and in all industries. Firstly in the food industry, but also in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It is therefore also suitable for you product. In short: a perfect way to use as a promotional tool. Think, for example, of completely decorating a bottle or can. Pack several product together in a duo-pack or multipack. Present your promotion optimally on the shelves. Shrink sleeves are also ideally suited as a guarantee closure. You can think of a seal around the cap of a bottle or the lid of a can. Guarantee your customers a previously unopened product. You can also choose to apply a tear strip. The warranty seal can be easily removed by means of this tear strip.

Materials and Implementations

Shrink sleeves are available in PET, PVC and PLA. PLA is biodegradable, PET and PVC are recyclable. In addition, our shrink sleeves can be produced on the roll or cut to size. Depending on your product and processing, we offer the most suitable solution.


The Advantages of Transparent and Printed Shrink Sleeves from Westflex:

  • Optimal decoration of each product (promotion)
  • Suitable as promotional pack (duo-pack and multipack)
  • Warranty closure (preformed and printable)
  • Available on roll or cut to size
  • Available in PLA (biodegradable)


The production process is extensive and because every product is different, there is always a question of customization. Westflex is happy to advise you on this, so that the usability of the shrink sleeve is always optimal in your process and your product can be optimally presented.

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