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Material Options, Your Choice

Westflex offer a diverse range of products in an equally diverse range of materials to suit individual customer applications and requirements.

BioPLAx®PLA, environmentally friendly starch based film and sheet, manufactured exclusively from sustainable corn starch based polymer. Compostable, EN13432, ASTM D6400
Food contact approved, excellent clarity, heat sealable & printable.

NatureFlex, environmentally friendly cellulose based film, derived from renewable resources (wood cellulose), grown in sustainable, managed forests

Compostable, EN13432 & ASTM D6400. Biodegradable in land fill. Food contact approved, excellent clarity, heat sealable, enhanced barrier versions available.

Oxo-degradable, polypropylene, oil based films, with added agent to encourage bio–degradation. Degradation triggered by heat, UV light and mechanical stress. Retains the beneficial properties of polypropylene films, but bio–degrades in landfill or in the environment. Not compostable.

Recyclable, polypropylene, polyethylene etc, oil based films, easily recycled into similar film products, lower grade applications or for energy recovery (incineration).

EN13432: European composting specification, 90% in 180 days
ASTM D6400: USA composting specification, 60% in 180 days
ASTM D6954–04: USA oxo–bio test method
BS 8472: Proposed UK/European oxo–bio test method

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